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Crystal growth & polymorphism


Chiralabs can offer a wide range of contract analysis and research involving crystal growth, polymorph screening, salt and co-crystal screening and related phenomena, including:

  • Solubility studies in a wide variety of solvents, predicted or measured

  • Mixed solvent, anti-solvent and co-solvent studies

  • Award winning CrystalGEM crystallisation prediction & screen optimisation using micro quantities of sample

  • Polymorph screening, optimisation & control

  • Morphology habit screening, optimisation & control

  • Solvate screening, optimisation & control

  • Salt & co-crystal screening, optimisation & control

  • Solid-state spectroscopic characterisation (Raman scattering, micro FT-IR, XRPD) 

  • Correlation of solid-state form with crystallisation conditions

  • X-ray diffraction quality single crystal growth & crystal structure analysis

  • Spectroscopic characterisation of associations in solution (inc. uv-vis-NIR, FT-IR, Raman, CD & fluorescence) 

  • Chiral & diastereomeric resolutions

  • Rationalisation of crystal growth problems, especially enantiomorphisms

  • Nucleation studies 

  • Crystallisation imaging & visualisation

With the use of our internationally award-winning CrystalGEM crystallisation prediction & screen optimisation, together with our rational solvent selection and microsample capabilities, we are able to maximise screening results with limited sample quantities. We are also experts in interpreting crystal growth in terms of physicochemical properties and in assessing the implications of detailed crystal structure, allowing the avoidance of potential issues in development and production environments.  

CrystalGEM ® is a registered trademark of Chiralabs Ltd.