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Chiralabs provides expertise in the characterisation of molecular products, their processes, behaviour and properties, for research and development in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. We are particularly able to support companies in pursuing complex spectroscopic and physicochemical investigations beyond their in-house resources. We provide a route for enhanced discovery and development through access to specialist knowledge and technology. Chiralabs is particularly adept at co-ordinating industry-academia collaborations and the translation of research based techniques to the industrial environment.

Chiralabs' scientists are highly qualified and internationally recognised experts in their fields. They have extensive R&D experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries and maintain collaborations with both industry and academia. Chiralabs breadth of expertise and experience also allows it to advise on the wider implications of studies, especially in terms of drug optimisation.

Scientific excellence with timeliness and confidentiality are prerequisites. Staff are experienced in preparing submissions for patents, licensing (FDA etc.) and legal activities, and have fluency in a variety of European languages.

Our new purpose-built laboratories in Oxfordshire (UK) house our state of the art spectroscopic, analytical and physical chemistry facilities. In particular, Chiralabs has one of the world's most extensive chiroptical spectroscopy facilities (including Circular Dichroism, Magnetic Circular Dichroism, variable temperature CD, microsample CD, ORD, polarimetry, etc.). Many of our instruments have been specially adapted for the investigation pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. Chiralabs also develops new approaches, techniques and applications; for example, pattern recognition - Raman optical activity (ROA) for the analysis of proteins and biopharmaceuticals.

A wide range of spectroscopic, physicochemical and theoretical approaches are undertaken to enhance product discovery and development. Specialist areas of investigation include:

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