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why choose Chiralabs?

Biomacromolecular structure & properties


Chiralabs can offer a wide range of studies involving protein, enzyme, glycoprotein and nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) folding, high order structure and interactions, including:

  • Protein secondary structure characterisation & comparisons

  • Protein tertiary higher order structure studies

  • DNA secondary structure & helicity characterisation and comparisons

  • DNA super-coiling & higher order structure studies

  • Reference spectra & data (Circular Dichroism a speciality)

  • Stability, denaturation & refolding

  • Ligand (drug) binding studies

  • Temperature-stability profiles

  • Reactivity & degradation

  • "Yellow-protein" characterisation

  • Aggregation profiling

  • Enzyme activity & structural characterisation

In particular, we are able to apply multiple spectroscopic techniques and methodology to provide elucidation of phenomena from a variety of perspectives. The experience of our scientists in characterising biopharmaceuticals, including mAbs, is extensive.