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Contract Research & Analysis
- from one sample to large projects  


Chiralabs provides contract expert chemical, biochemical and physical analysis services and undertakes investigative, problem-solving studies of substances and products in a wide range of fields, including for the consumer, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, health, nutrition, food, plastics, chemical, engineering and waste industries. We frequently investigate "unusual" or "unknown" materials. We also provide consultancy, interpretation and advice in these areas.

As well as routine analysis, we perform complex, multi-faceted investigations of challenging problems. We are world-leading experts in chirality, circular dichroism, optical spectroscopies, crystallization, biopharmaceutical structure and multi-technique analysis. Where required, we develop new approaches to solve problems.

Chiralabs can help you with straightforward chemical/biochemical analysis, speculative research, product testing, reverse-engineering and comparability studies through to instrument/method development, from one sample through to large projects.

As well as providing an independent service, we are equally happy for our team of recognised expert scientists to collaborate on joint projects. Our philosophy is to provide not just results but understanding and rational solutions. Our scientists have decades of analytical, research and development experience in solving complex problems. We are always happy to explain the context and implications of results to clients.

We use a wide range of spectroscopic, physicochemical, chromatographic and theoretical techniques. Specialist areas include:


Chiralabs, home of:


- a comprehensive spectroscopic profile of a biopharmaceutical for product development, formulation & comparability studies



- a multi-technique megavariate method of characterizing substances, distinguishing production issues, predicting properties and making objective batch & product comparisons


CrystalGEM ®

- the internationally award winning rational crystallisation screening that has revolutionised the screening of pharmaceutical polymorphism, morphology and crystal growth.

- don't waste precious time & resources, come to the experts that developed the technology; we can perform a comprehensive screen with as little as 0.2g of compound.