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Why choose Chiralabs?

Authoritative Expertise: Our senior scientific staff are internationally recognized authorities in their fields, typically with over 25 years of proven R&D expertise and competence in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and analytical industries.  These scientists actively undertake and oversee all projects and are available to customers for discussions.

Quality: Our primary aim is to provide a consistent, reliable and very high quality service with scientific excellence, timeliness and confidentiality as prerequisites.  We have worked successfully with many internationally leading chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and scientific instrument companies.

Specialist Knowledge: We provide a route for enhanced discovery and development through our specialist knowledge and technology; we have extensive expertise in spectroscopic, physicochemical, theoretical and computational methods, enabling us to undertake comprehensive investigations.

Extensive Experience: We have detailed experience spanning from early research to production, allowing us to perceive the wider consequences of results and communicate these to customers.  We have extensively studied a wide range of materials, especially small molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals, monoclonal antibodies, interferons, glycoproteins, enzymes, peptides, plasmid DNA, fine chemicals, plastics and engineering materials, with over 25 years experience.  

Innovation: We develop new approaches, techniques and applications, enabling us to tackle otherwise intractable problems; we developed the internationally award winning CrystalGEM crystallisation screening technology.

State-of-the-art Facilities: Our laboratories house state-of-the-art spectroscopic, analytical and physical chemistry facilities; in particular, Chiralabs has one of the world's most extensive chiroptical spectroscopy facilities.

Optimised Technology: Many of our instruments have been specially adapted to our own design for the investigation of materials, specialist chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology products, allowing us to achieve results under conditions that others find challenging.